Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore

Construction Specialist | 706-719-0241

Caroline has been in the mortgage industry her whole life. In fact, you could say it’s in her blood as both her grandmother and mother have owned and operated their own mortgage companies. Now her passion and desire for helping people achieve the goal of building or buying their own home is what she does for a living.

Caroline is a construction specialist, which means she helps clients who are building a new home understand the process and get approved so construction can begin. According to Caroline “Nothing feels better than having a client call me and thank me for all the hard work I have done to help them get closer to owning their dream home.” 

In her free time Caroline enjoys being with her four-year-old little boy Daxton. They love spending time outside and learning about nature and all the beauty our town has to offer. They also love attending any kind of monster truck event or similar activity! 

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